Studio rental

Thank you for your interest in BrushCo. Studio

BrushCo. Studio is my home studio that I rent out to other creative photographers, and videographers for their photoshoots. If you are looking for more information on hiring a photographer click here. Rentals are $50 an hour. You will have access to choose from 30 paper backdrops along with a silver & gold foil backdrop, green shrub wall that can be paired with roses or sunflowers, white brick, red brick, grey wall, and 2 giant east facing windows that are wonderful for natural light . You’re more than welcome to use any modifiers, light stands, v-flats, reflectors in my studio. 

One backdrop is included for every hour you rent

One hour = One backdrop, Two hours = two backdrops etc.

Additional color can be added for $15 

Modifiers in Studio

(2) 36in Bowen's mount soft boxes

(1) 42in Bowen's mount soft boxes

(1) 33in Bowen's mount soft boxes for AD300’s

(1) curved Bowen's mount strip box

(2) normal Bowen's mount strip boxes

(1) 28in Bowen's mount beauty dish

(1) 41in silver umbrella 

(1) 7ft silver umbrella

Lighting is not included but can be added for an additional $30 flat fee.

Godox Flash for Canon, Nikon, & Sony

(2) AD200

(2) AD300

(1) AD360

(2) AD400

(1) AD600

Constant LED lighting

(1) SL60W

(1) SL150W

(3) RGB Luxli cello

BrushCo Backdop Colors