• The sun floods the space with long shadows starting 30 min after sunrise. The window shadows go away 5 hours later. For those who prefer no light play we have curtains that will defuse the light (cut shadows) for soft bight light.

  • Backdrop A - Beautiful light play in the morning. Recommend for natural light shooters all day long.

  • Backdrop B - Brightest in the mornings in the 5 hour window. Recommend for photographers using flash photography.

BrushCo. Studio is my home studio that I rent out to other creatives, photographers, and videographers for their photoshoots. If you are looking for more information on hiring a photographer click here for pricing. Rentals are $60 an hour with a 2 hour minimum or 30 min for $50 and 1 hour for $75. Discounted hours can now be purchased in bulk for cheaper. You will have access to choose from 30 paper backdrop colors. The studio has white brick & white walls with 2 giant (sunrise) east facing windows that are wonderful for natural light. The studio is not handicap accessible due to stairs, and no elevator.

You may come 10 min early to set up, but please have the studio cleaned and exited promptly at the end of your time or you will be charged. This means if your rental ends at 2pm you and your party must be out the door at 2pm. We often have back to back bookings, and need to set up for the next rental so please be respectful. The Studio Manager will take care of handling all paper backdrop set ups and tear downs. Please let us know when you're ready to switch colors. If I can hear the paper rustling you're too close to backdrop. Any damage done to seamless paper backdrops will result in a charge of $5 per foot. Do not touch or sit against the paper backdrop your body oil will stain the paper, and crinkle it! (There will be plexiglass down to protect floor) Damage examples; tears, stains, dirt footprints, water damage etc. One backdrop is included for every hour rented with the exception of the 30 min rental which does not include a backdrop. Renter must specify of any, backdrop color(s) at least 24 hours before session. Renter will have access to all studio chairs, stools, ladders, boxes, pompous grass, beds, canvas/muslim backdrops, and fabrics. There is also a bathroom for changing. Client will also have access to all V-flats, Bowen's mount soft box modifiers, light stands, reflectors, fabric, and laminate wood flooring. Flashes, LED lighting, & Spotlight is not included but can be added for an additional fee. If you are a new photographer and unfamiliar with your camera settings, or want to learn off camera flash we recommend adding a studio one on one to your booking. See Below for Add Ons and info.

Please note this is a home studio with two tall sets of stairs, and no access to elevator. Owner has short haired cats that will be put away for the shoot.


One hour = One backdrop, Two hours = two backdrops etc.

(30 min rental does not include a backdrop color)

Terms & Conditions


Entire Agreement: This agreement contains the entire understanding between Fireshot Studio and RENTER. It supersedes all prior and simultaneous agreements between the parties. The only way to add or change this agreement is to do so in writing, signed by all the parties. In the event that the parties waive a portion of this agreement, the contract is not waived in its entirety. The party against whom a waiver is sought to be effective must have the waiver in writing.

Reservation: A signed contract and the package amount are required to reserve the specified date requested. A retainer amount of 50% of total rental price is due at time of booking to reserve the studio. The remaining balance will be charged to the card on file on the day of the booking.

Cooperation: The parties agree to cheerful cooperation and communication for the best possible result within the definition of this assignment.

Liability: The RENTER is liable for the RENTER’S clients and any damage to the studio during the RENTER’S rented studio time. Fireshot Studio will not be held liable during the RENTER’S rented studio time. Provider is not liable for acts out of its control that affect the shoot, such as building equipment failures, power outages, the weather, acts of God, illness, or emergencies.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: If you must cancel your rented studio time/date, Fireshot Studio must be notified 3 days prior to the rented studio date to qualify for a reschedule time/date. The reschedule date will be made as soon as possible for the next available time/date, at the studio owners’ discretion. If notification is not made 3 days prior, your rented studio retainer will be forfeited. Please notify Fireshot Studio as soon as possible in the event of cancellation. Cancellation will result in the forfeit of your retainer. It is understood that the retainer reserves the studio and studio manager's time.

Props: The RENTER is allowed to use props that belong to the studio and are visibly displayed. The RENTER agrees to not open drawers, boxes, or closed areas. The RENTER is responsible to put all props back as they were found. The RENTER is responsible for bringing any additional props that they would like to use at the rented studio time/date. In the event that the RENTER has forgotten a prop for the rented studio time/date and the rented time goes over, the RENTER will be charged for additional time at the studio’s rented hourly rate. If the RENTER uses any fabrics or linens, it is their responsibility to place dirty items in the laundry basket after use.

Studio Cooperation: The RENTER agrees to set up and tear down during the rented studio time. If set up or tear down time takes longer than the rented studio time, the RENTER will be required to pay for additional rented studio time at the studio’s rented hourly rate. The RENTER agrees to leave the studio the same way as when they arrived at the studio. Fireshot Studio can not guarantee specific linens, sheets, baby wraps, or props are available for use during rental periods. If you would like specific items, please mention this at least 48 hours before your rental.

Tardiness: In the event that the RENTER is late to the scheduled rented studio time, the RENTER’S scheduled rented studio time will still be for the same scheduled ending time. If the RENTER will need additional rented studio time, the RENTER will be required to pay for additional rented studio time at the studio’s rented hourly rate. Additionally, the rental period starts at the time listed above and ends at the time listed above. RENTER must vacate the studio at or before the end time listed in this booking form. Cleaning or wrapping up shooting does not start at your rental end time. IF the RENTER is more than thirty minutes late to their booking time, the RENTER forfeits their time and retainer.

Damage: The RENTER is responsible for any damage to the studio, props, furniture, or building. The RENTER will be charged in full to replace or fix any damages or damaged items. Damage to fabrics or linens include, but not limited to, tears, rips, and/or stains. Paper backdrop damages include, but not limited to, tears, rips, and/or stains. PAPER BACKDROP DAMAGES WILL BE CHARGED AT A RATE OF $5.00 PER FOOT. CHARGES WILL INCLUDE THE ENTIRE FOOTAGE CUT OFF THAT WAS REQUIRED TO REPAIR THE BACKDROP. Fireshot studio reserves the right to determine necessary repairs for damages.

Studio Rules: The studio is located in a professional building and upholds professional conduct at all times. If the studio manager or Fireshot Studio observes or otherwise becomes aware of dangerous, pornographic, illegal or negligent practices or activities, Fireshot Studio reserves the right to stop the rental and may require the RENTER to leave immediately. The authorities will be alerted to any illegal activities witnessed by Fireshot Studio. In such cash no refunds will be given for unused time.

No glitter or confetti

No flames

No illegal or non-prescription drugs

No alcohol

No animals unless approved by Firestone Studio

No smoking in the building at any time

No cake smashes, sprayed liquid, or poured food/liquid

No smoke bombs or colored/white powder

Anyone who appears to be drunk or under the influence will NOT be admitted

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early

Maximum of 10 people in the studio at one time

Security cameras are in use for security, damages, and management purposes

If the studio manager or Fireshot Studio observes or otherwise becomes aware of the RENTER or the RENTER'S guests, Fireshot Studio reserves the right to stop the rental and may require the RENTER to leave immediately. In such cash no refunds will be given for unused time.

Entrance: The RENTER will be given a main door code and a lockbox code within 12 hours before their rental period. The instructions for entrance are as follows.

1. The main door code will open the main outside door on Grand Boulevard.

2. From there, enter the elevator or use the stairs to go to the second floor.

3. To your right, you will see a lockbox next to a door. Our lockbox has our name on it. Enter in the lockbox code provided to you and collect the keys. Unlock the hallway door if needed.

4. From there, follow the hallway to the back near the restrooms. We are located in Suite 204 A. We are at the end of a tiny curved hallway. The second key will unlock the studio door.

Closing: The RENTER acknowledges they are solely responsible for properly closing the studio. Failure to do so may result in a $200.00 fine and/or the cost to repair any damages or stolen items as a result from the studio not properly being closed. Fireshot Studio reserves the right to determine if the RENTER properly closed and locked the studio. The instructions for closing are as follows.

1. Collect all trash and place it in the trash bin. If there is not enough space in the bin, please place trash next to the trash bin.

2. Collect all used linens, fabrics, and newborn props and place them in the laundry hamper.

3. Turn off all lights.

4. Lock the studio door and ensure it is locked properly.

5. Exit the hallway and lock both keys in the lockbox and ensure it is locked properly.

Parking and Accessibility: Fireshot Studio is not responsible for parking tickets or fees incurred by the RENTER. Street parking and paid lots are available near the building. The building's parking lot is open to use and can be found at: 1917 McGee Street. The building's main door is accessible by keypad. You will either be notified of a code within 12 hours of your booking or will be let in by the studio manager. The building has an elevator. Fireshot Studio is located on the second floor of the building. Fireshot Studio is not responsible for the elevator being out of service.

Minors: It is the RENTER's responsibility to have parental permission to work with any minors under the age of 18. Fireshot Studio has the right to ask for valid identification of any parties in the studio at any time during the rental. Fireshot Studio is not liable in the case of any invalid ID or any other form of age verification. RENTER is solely responsible for verifying all clients and subjects are of legal age.

Security Retainers: In the event of cancellation, the retainer amount is non-refundable. It shall be liquidated damages to Fireshot Studio in the event of a breach of contract by RENTER. The RENTER shall also be responsible for payment of any Fireshot Studio material charges incurred up to time of cancellation. If RENTER needs to reschedule for any reason, RENTER must do so within 3 calendar days and any retainer or paid fees will be transferred to the rescheduled rented studio time/date. Any request for reschedule after 3 calendar days will require a new 50% retainer fee. Only one reschedule session is allowed per booking. This meaning, the retainer can only be transferred once and must be done before 3 calendar days of the booked time.

Backdrops: It is understood that the RENTER selects the backdrop they would like for their rental period in their booking questionnaire. Additionally, requests for backdrop changes must be made 3 days before the rental period. The RENTER understands that they are not able to change their backdrop request upon arrival to the studio, during and after their rental period, or without three days prior notice. RENTER understands that they are not allowed to use more than one (1) backdrop during their rental. The choice of backdrops we offer are: White Painted Wall, Black Seamless Photography Paper Backdrop, and White Seamless Photography Paper Backdrop. RENTER acknowledges that the ONLY time moving/changing of the seamless photography paper backdrops are if their requested backdrop is not set up for their rental. RENTER agrees to pay $5.00/foot for all repairs associated with the damages caused by them or their guests. Fireshot studio reserves the right to determine necessary repairs for damages. Additionally, Fireshot Studio reserves the right to determine what is or is not considered damaged. RENTER agrees that they are responsible for potential damage fees regardless of the appearance of the backdrop prior to their rental. Seamless backdrops are not to be lowered and pulled out more than six feet on the ground.

I have read and agree to the terms above *

I authorize Fireshot Studio to charge my card that is kept on file for the remaining balance on the day of my rental period. *

I acknowledge that failure to vacate the studio at the booking end time and arriving more than 5 minutes before your scheduled rental will result in additional fee of $25.00 per 30 mins, charged in increments of 30 mins. *


I acknowledge that I have read and understood the studio rules.  *


I acknowledge that I am responsible for any damages that occur by myself or my guests. *


I acknowledge that my retainer is nonrefundable.  *


I agree to not move or block the security camera. *